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Dr. Sue's Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Sudden Cardiac Death In Young Athletes

I received a question via iPhone App from a mother who was concerned about the recent discussions in both the media and in the medical community surrounding sudden cardiac death (SCD) in young athletes. (more…)

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
  • Your Toddler

Good Hygiene Reduces Colds, Builds Self-esteem

As all parents know, kids get into everything. And where there is stuff to get into, there are germs. Teaching your child good personal hygiene early can help cut down on colds, infections and absenteeism at school. (more…)

  • Your Child

Kids: Texting Harassment Up

For many children, text messaging has become the number one way they communicate with their friends.  A new study shows that a growing number of these kids are reporting being harassed via text messaging. (more…)

  • Parenting

Teaching Kids Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day is often when families get together to enjoy enormous portions of food and spend time reconnecting. It can also be a time for reflection and gratitude. But why limit giving thanks to just one day out of the year? (more…)

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Sunday’s Show: November 20, 2011

If you’re talking about it in the carpool line, we’re talking about it on our show!  Tune in on demand for expert advice on the best ways to raise your kids.  The Kid’s Doctor, your partner in parenting. (more…)

Chef Dad

Chef Dad

Thanksgiving Desserts

Give thanks with your family and enjoy both of these holiday desserts.

Apple & Date Strudel

Easy recipe your kids can you make this holiday!

Roasted Squash Soup

Kick start the countdown to Thanksgiving with this delicious squash soup.

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