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Thanksgiving Countdown

by Tom Fleming

Final week

  • Clean and organize refrigerator
  • Pick-up Frozen turkey and thaw
  • Pickup fresh produce on Monday
  • Pick-up fresh Turkey on Monday
  • Defrost pie crusts
  • Set up buffet
  • Brine Turkey on Wednesday for 24 hours
  • Blanch green vegetables and shock on Wednesday
  • Prep all other vegetables(final cook on thursday)
  • Make stuffing
  • Make Cranberry Sauce
  • Bake pie and desserts on Wednesday
  • Prep appetizers on Wednesday and Finish on Thursday
  • Set table Wednesday night

2 Weeks To Go….

  • Polish silver, clean china and press linens
  • Pick up fire wood (if needed)
  • If using fresh pumpkins…cook and freeze pulp
  • Bake cornbread and freeze
  • Dry bread for stuffing and freeze
  • Purchase and freeze fresh cranberries
  • Purchase bar supplies


  • Write guest list
  • Determine if any guest will bring food items
  • Order fresh turkey, duck or ham
  • Create menu for the day
  • Clean freezer out
  • Make pie doughs and freeze
  • Write 1st run of shopping list.
  • Plan table settings and decorations

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