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8 Year Old Gets Botox! What?

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

As you know, I rarely watch evening TV, but I tune in to morning news shows as I am getting ready for work. I often find myself talking to the TV about segments relating to parenting or medicine (always want to chime in) but today I was screaming!

There was segment on “Good Morning America” about an 8 year old girl whose mother was injecting her face with botox!!!  Are you kidding me? At first I thought this was a joke, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

As it turns out this 8 year old little girl participates in beauty pageants (that is another topic) and her mother has been injecting her daughter’s face with botox due to “wrinkles”.

According to the mother, the little girl was “concerned” about wrinkles on her face. I must say, I have taken care of children for 25 years, and I have heard a lot of stories, but never about wrinkles on a child’s face!! Not only did they show pictures of the child receiving the botox, but they also showed pictures of the little girl looking unhappy and sore with ice packs on her face post injection!

Ok, I’ll admit, I have had botox and it hurts!! Not a fun day at the dermatologist for this middle aged woman and I cannot understand a mother putting needles in her child’s face for any reason, yet alone cosmetic!  I think this borders on some sort of child abuse, both physical and emotional.

This poor little girl is hearing “there is something wrong with your face and I will fix it with a shot”. There is not a thing in the world wrong with this little girl, except her mother!  It won’t be long until this poor child will be in therapy to deal with these issues that are being created by an over-zealous mother who needs to deal with her own issues and let her little girl go play dress ups, or run outside, rather than sit in a chair with ice packs on her swollen face.

How could any parent put their child through this? What are her thought processes?  I have patients who have no choice but to have shots every day with insulin for their diabetes or for growth hormone, and I think it actually hurts the parent more than the child. My own child had to have heparin shots for a life-threatening blood clot and I could barely stand to watch him inject himself when I knew it was medically necessary, and we had no other choice. But to inject a small child with a drug (it is approved for use in children with neuromuscular disorders, or migraines) solely for cosmetic reasons is beyond my belief. There are no words.

“Good Morning America” has reported the young girl has been removed from her mother’s home and the mom is being investigated.

What do you think? I would love your comments! Click below.

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