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A Musical Workout for Kids

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

I must be becoming more “social” on line and have started getting some You Tube videos that are really quite entertaining. Now I do not understand how anyone has all day to sit and watch You Tube, but after the effect that Susan Boyle’s You Tube video had I decided to watch a few more that I had received. One of these gave me an idea on how to get your children to exercise.

There is a video circulating of a little boy and his sister dancing to Low, Low, Low which is a rap song that, I think, I have heard emanating from behind closed doors while my son (who for some reason really likes rap) is showering. I guess this song is a big hit and other people obviously enjoy it too. The little boy in the video is dancing away to the song and does he have the moves. He spends greater than two minutes in full out DWTS kind of moves with jumps, spins, hand motions and even his version of moonwalking. He is obviously having the time of his life, and what a workout. I was tired just watching him (and also laughing a good belly laugh, the kind that makes you feel good).

So, the point of this very long story is our children don’t need a Wii Fit, or fancy equipment, or lessons to enjoy exercise. Just turn up the music and spend some time letting your children express themselves through dance, and reap the benefits of being physically fit at the same time. You could also introduce them to all different kinds of music from rap, to hip-hop, to classical and country. Children definitely don’t feel inhibited to “dance their hearts out” and think of the rhythm they would also be developing. Maybe we should say, dance their hearts healthy!

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again tomorrow.

More Information: You Tube Video

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