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A New Addition to the Family

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

It’s happened! We finally have a girl! After raising (well, of course we’re not finished) three sons of our own we were thrilled when our oldest son proposed to his longtime girlfriend. The most wonderful news is that she said ‘yes’ and we will now have a girl in the house.

I am just not sure what comes next, but I do know that as we processed this news, that a flood of memories comes racing back. Where did that little your-baby boy go? I simply remember hours of standing over his crib and just gazing at our first born son. He still laughs as we tell him stories of our young parenting years; he was kind of the guinea pig. I think of his first day of preschool, followed by elementary school and suddenly he was driving, graduating from high school and then college and his baseball cap became a mortar board. Time really does fly and as a parent most of my memories are of sweet little boys, somehow the sleepless nights, bickering children, messy, smelly rooms, loud voices and broken curfews are a blur.

But now the reward is a wonderful girl that he has fallen in love with, as have his parents. Now my mind is swirling with what does a mother of the groom even do? Surely there are Web sites and books that address this new role as a parent? All I do know right now is that one of our bedrooms will now be able to have something that is frilly and maybe even with a touch of pink. Before you know it I may bring up the subject of grandchildren, but for now basking in the glow of a girl in the house!

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again tomorrow.

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