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Accidents Can Happen Any Time, Even on Holidays

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

Well, Thanksgiving evening and I am going to write really quickly about “normal” family days. As everyone knows, we have an approaching wedding and we now have a son who “does” two Thanksgiving events with soon to be in-laws. The eldest son was nice enough to invite his younger brother to join him for drive to the country for Thanksgiving lunch and some “shooting” on the ranch. While they headed out for Thanksgiving lunch, I was at home preparing Thanksgiving dinner for our side of the family. Perfect day!!

So… about mid-afternoon we get a phone call from eldest son. “Hi Mom, everyone is okay”, but the youngest has had an accident and has lacerated his brow while at the ranch and it looks like it needs some stitches”. The youngest has also previously had a pretty serious dog bite to his face about 8 years ago, and still has scars to show for it. This time it is in his brow line and it is from the “scope” on the rifle. Can you tell that we are not a hunting family? Of course I am hugely relieved that he is OK, they are going to stay and eat lunch, have put ice and a “butterfly” on it, and will be home in several hours.

I continue to cook while calling all of my doctor friends, and forwarding them a picture of his injury, (what did we do before emails and phones with cameras?) So now, while I thought I would sit down and blog on a topical subject, I am actually clearing the table, and heading to the plastic surgeons to get the “baby” son’s face stitched.

This whole afternoon actually makes me reflect on how fortunate we are that he only needs stitches, and how many accidents “lurk” around every corner. I am thankful for good friends, and good doctors.  He will be fine, and we will all sit down for dessert after we get back.

I hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. Next week back to business!  I guess I will get to take out the stitches!

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again soon.

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