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Changing the Date of Halloween

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

I think that Halloween should become a holiday that is always celebrated on a Friday night. I would probably have a hard time getting this legislation passed, but as a parent it seems quite logical to have this event celebrated on a “non-school” night.

I don’t even have children young enough to trick or treat anymore. But last Friday night my husband and I (and a college son who had unexpectedly come home to vote) manned the door to watch the kids come by to trick or treat. It may have also been the perfect night as it was cool, clear and just right for an evening walk. We welcomed all sorts of superheroes, witches, princesses and sports stars to the door. The parents who were following their children seemed relaxed, engaged with their kids and neighbors and no one was rushed to head home for homework, baths and bed. It was almost a form of an impromptu block party or similar to the neighborhood night concept. We had plenty of candy (of course a pediatrician should hand out a lot) and had such fun talking to our young and middle school aged trick-or-treaters. Even had the chance to meet several families that lived further down the street that we had not known.

The other thing I was impressed by was good manners. We had a lot of “thank you’s” and “have a nice evening” comments, which were not even prompted by an adult!

So… let me know what you think about Friday night Halloween, although I guess it will be like Thanksgiving, just the fourth Friday in the month. Wonder if that will work?

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat tomorrow.

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