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Dealing With Runny Noses

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

Cooler weather is here and with fall it seems runny noses begin to abound. With the combination of back to school germs and fall allergies, every child I see seems to have some sort of nose or throat symptom. Unfortunately there isn’t much to do for those first fall colds except to push fluids, encourage a good nights rest and lots of Kleenex.

Fortunately, fall viral respiratory infections don’t seem to be as miserable or last as long as the ones that are lurking around the corner for the winter. But, allergies are treatable and there are more and more over the counter medications available. Children under 2 typically don’t have a runny nose caused by allergies, but older kids may. It may be worth trying a product like Claritin or Zyrtec for several days to see if the itchy eyes, runny nose and intermittent sore throat improve. Benadryl is still an excellent antihistamine to use, although it may cause drowsiness, so try taking at bedtime. Nasal irrigation is also a good idea and there are many products available or make your own salt water solution at home (be thrifty).

Lastly, although you can’t prevent the common cold, it is already time to be thinking about flu shots, so get yours scheduled.

That’s your daily dose. We’ll chat tomorrow!

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