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Enjoy Down Time With Your Family

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

This week is often a “down” week for working families and a welcome respite from the chaos of the holidays. It is also a really good time to spend some family time together and enjoy all of the gifts from the holiday. What better time is there to sit down and play a game with your child or children? It doesn’t matter the age of your child there are games to play.

From your one-year-old who wants to stack blocks or match shapes to your older children who can play Scrabble and Clue, it is just such fun to play games as a family. The best gifts from the holidays are those that require parental involvement and don’t have batteries.

My family has always loved playing Rummikub and the card game Spades and we gather over the holidays for what my children call “forced family fun”. Once we get engaged, the family competitiveness kicks in and the barbs fly. I am guaranteed several hours of time together as no one wants to lose!

Begin teaching your children rules of games, strategy and sportsmanship. Even young children can learn how to win without boasting or how to lose as a good sport. You don’t have to be coordinated to play games, no uniforms required and weather does not delay games. What could be better?

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again soon.

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