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Fire Safety Month

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

October is ‘National Fire Safety’ month and a great opportunity to review fire safety within your own home. I did not realize that fire and burns are the third leading cause of injury related deaths in the home. I do remember having a fire in our own home when I was a child and how frightening it was. Because of that, I have always been “freaky” about fire in my own home. Fires happen quickly, quietly and studies show that you only have about 3 minutes to get out of the house after a fire breaks out.

So… this month you should have a family fire drill, which requires a plan in case of fire. Where will you meet, how do you get out of the house if you cannot get out of your room, crawling out of the house on your hands and knees if necessary etc. Rehearsing what you will all do makes it second nature if a fire ever really happens. We do this in the hospital and the office too, kind of like a “mock code” for cardiac arrests.

Preschool children learn about STOP, DROP, and ROLL if there is a fire and their clothes should be involved. Review this with your children.

Install smoke alarms in all bedrooms and make sure the batteries are checked. Changing batteries with the clock changes each year is a great reminder.

Talk to your kids about 911 and how and when to call, and teach them their address once they are between thee and five years of age.

Prevention is the key, and planning ahead is the best remedy to prevent a disaster.

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat tomorrow.

More Information: Home Safety Council

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