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Keep An Ear Open For a Snoring Child

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

Does your child snore? That is a question I have learned to ask parents when I am doing their children’s check ups. It seems that snoring in children is more common than previously thought. Discussing children’s sleep habits has become a regular part of my questioning when doing annual check-ups. Sleep is important to parents when their children are infants, and is probably one of the most asked questions when a your-baby is between two weeks and eight months of age. But after that you would be surprised at how many children have sleep related issues, and one of the most common may be snoring.

Now I am not talking about a child who quietly snores occasionally, especially if they have a cold and are congested. I am talking about real snoring. The kind that you think of when one conjures up memories of grandpa in his chair. It is amazing at some of the noises I have heard about when I ask about snoring. If you don’t know what is normal sleep, it may come as a surprise to a parent to find out that snoring is not normal in children.

Sometimes it is the sibling that shares the bedroom that knows their brother or sister is a snorer. Sometimes friends discover it when your child goes on sleepovers. But for many parents they hear their snoring children as they pass by their room.

If your child snores, the easiest thing is to take a video of your child’s sleep to show your pediatrician or ear, nose and throat specialist. The most common reason for snoring in children is airway obstruction from enlarged tonsils and adenoids. This problem may be remedied with a tonsillectomy. A quiet night’s rest is important for your child’s growth, academic development, attention and mood.

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again tomorrow.

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