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Making Family Memories at the BCS Game

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

By the time you read this the outcome will be known. I am talking about the BCS Football Championship game, rather than a pediatric problem. I am currently in Pasadena getting ready to head to the Rose Bowl to “make memories” with our youngest son, who is a University of Texas student.

Knowing that this might be the “last chance” to attend a bowl game with our son, I decided to join the family football fans for a Rose Bowl trip. I have never been to a “bowl” game and my sons have great family pictures of themselves at the last UT National Championship game, minus their mother!! Now, they are probably not that upset about that, but I look at that those boys and my husband, arm and arm with huge smiles on their faces, and all I see is that I am missing!! Somehow I have to get myself in that picture, so here I am.

Dr. Sue and son Patrick at the BCS Championship Game in Pasadena, CA, January 7, 2010.

Dr. Sue and son Patrick at the BCS Championship Game in Pasadena, CA, January 7, 2010.

My youngest son is a football fanatic. Just yesterday, a patient’s mother asked me whether she should let her son play tackle football. I paused for a moment, and despite my initial gut reaction of “NO”, I had to be honest and tell her that my own sons’ had played football, and the youngest played throughout high school. I am not a Texan by birth, so the whole football phenomenon was somewhat foreign to me. But then I had three sons and we lived in Dallas, so football was a birthright. That whole “Friday Night Lites” is true. It is cultural in Texas. Despite all of the statistics that I pounded into my children regarding football injuries, concussions, etc they wanted to play. They also researched sports injuries to inform me that basketball, lacrosse, soccer and even cheerleading led to injuries. I seemed to be loosing the debate. Soon football helmets, pads and stats were part of my life.

But, the one thing they all learned from playing ball was teamwork. They also learned how to listen to a coach, how to manage their time with both academic and sports commitments, how to lose and still have fun and most importantly camaraderie. They were never the stars, but they didn’t care. They would get up in the dark to go to practice, play in the unbearable Texas heat, or even the occasional cold rainy night, and of course I was there to watch them.

So, that is why I am now Rose Bowl bound. Just to spend time with my boys and to make some more memories. These memories bind a family together forever and I have learned you can’t go back, their childhoods go by all too quickly.

Even though we lost, it was still memorable.

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again soon.

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