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Timeless Motherly Advice

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

I have been visiting my mother for an “early Mother’s Day” celebration and spent an evening over dinner reminiscing about all of the advice she has given me over the years.  The funny thing is that I often catch myself talking to my own children, and even my patients, and say, “I am sounding just like my mother”.  The reason being is that she has given me a lot of good advice.

My Mom

My Mom

The best advice which has been long lasting is “do the best that you can and you can be anything you want.”  Both she and my dad told me that, while they continued to support me as I pursued a career in medicine. Boy, was I lucky or what?

She also told me “you should also always be able to take care of yourself”.  That has also been great advice and something I have told my own children. The good news for me is that my children have listened to me (to date) and I am so proud of their work ethic, their integrity and their goals. They have made it easy to parent them.

Another good piece of advice remains as true today as it was 40 years ago (at least I think it does). “Never chase a boy (they always had to call first) and all of your dates must come to the door to meet the parents”.

Again, as a mother of sons, I have told them how important it is to go to the door, make eye contact with the girl’s parents, introduce themselves, and to let the parent know that they are responsible gentleman and will always respect their daughter”.

This advice is timeless, and I saw it first hand when our oldest son went to ask his now father-in law for his daughter’s hand in marriage. It made me so proud to hear how responsible and respectful he had been. (He listened!)

A key piece of motherly advice, which is both timeless and ageless? Learn from your mistakes.  Everyone makes mistakes but it is how you react to them and what you learn that makes all the difference.  We’re not perfect!

These last few “Jeanne-isms” (my mom) are cute and memorable:

  1. No white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day
  2. Stand up straight and hold your shoulders back (echoed a million times)
  3. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all (timeless)

I know you too have memories of wonderful mom advice.  Keep passing these to your children. Many are timeless, no matter what we used to think!

Now it’s time to celebrate your mom! We’ve teamed up with Verizon Texas to recognize the matriarch in your life. Visit and tell us why your mom rocks. The winner will receive a diamond pendant!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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