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Spring Allergy Season Is Around the Corner

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

Flu season seems to winding down around here and RSV is also waning. I continue to see coughs and colds, but the knowledge that spring is only a month away sustains everyone. The winter viruses will hopefully soon pack up their bags and move on until next winter. We will get to stop hearing those nagging coughs and runny noses will stop dripping. But this means spring allergy season will be approaching.

We really don’t see seasonal allergies until a child is around the age of two. After that you may notice that your child gets a clear runny nose, or itchy eyes and a scratchy throat as the season changes. Allergies, unlike viral upper respiratory infections will respond to antihistamines.

As the seasons begin to change, pay attention to your child’s symptoms, as they may vary with the pollen count. Make sure that you have their allergy nose sprays and medications on had and ready to begin in the next month.

If you think your child may be developing allergies have a discussion with your doctor about the appropriate use of antihistamines for your child. Nasal steroids used on a daily basis may be life altering for children with allergies. There are many options for treating allergies and luckily they do respond to medications unlike those pesky winter viral infections.

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again soon!

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