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Strep Throat Popping Up

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

At this time of year in a pediatric office you get to see a little of “everything” that is going around. Another illness going around right now is strep throat. Strep is a bacteria (as compared to a virus) which causes children to have a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, fever and occasionally headaches and stomachaches. Strep is most common in the elementary school aged child. It is seasonal and more cases are seen during the winter months.

The only way to accurately diagnose strep throat is for your child to have a throat culture, obtained by swabbing the child’s throat, and tonsils. Most kids aren’t wild about a large Q-tip in the back of their throat, but it just takes a few seconds, and is often viewed as preferable to a shot! Most offices run a rapid strep screen, so you will know while you are at the doctor’s whether your child’s test was positive or negative. The gold standard for diagnosing strep is by an overnight culture, which is also often run if you’re the rapid strep test, is negative.

For parents, it seems that the best part of their child having strep is that this is a bacterial infection and is therefore treated with antibiotics. Those darned viral infections have to get better on their own! Within 24 hours of beginning a child with strep on their course of antibiotics children are usually feeling better and may return to school and other activities. Complete the entire course of antibiotics that are given to you too.

Strep is contagious although it rarely seems that the entire family gets sick so it is appropriate to only give antibiotics to the child who is ill and has a positive strep test, and not the entire family.

Resist the urge to have your child put on antibiotics for all sore throats. Make sure that your child is “swabbed” before being treated. Even the best doctor may not be correct by just looking at your child’s throat.

Keep up the good hand washing, I am sure I will have more illnesses to report on tomorrow.

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Strep Throat Popping Up”

  1. Tara McLaren says:

    I’m a pediatric nurse. We see a lot of strep, especially recurrent strep in families. Sometimes when we cant eradicatemit through patient or carrier we swab the family pet. It always astonished me how many dogs are positive! If I hadn’t of seen this in practice, I would not believe it, but Dr. zuberbuhler here in Edmonton, Alberta finds it all the time! We treat the animal and it’s finally gone!

  2. Tenay says:

    well thats good to know!!! thank you tara!

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