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Talking About Election Day

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

Waking up this morning I, like most Americans, realize that today is a very special day for our country. Election Day 2008 has been long awaited, and history will be made no matter the outcome, as we will either have the African American President, or the first female vice president. What an opportunity to discuss the importance of the democratic process with our children.

While seeing patients in my office over the last month the talk of politics and elections often comes up. Even young children have been excited about electing a new president. When asked who they would vote for and why, I am often amazed at their comments and their insight. Many of them are holding mock elections at their school today and the older students have been discussing politics, arguing policy and may have even volunteered to work on a candidate’s campaign.

So take advantage of the day and discuss the political process with your children. What great dinner table conversation and a good evening to gather around the TV and watch history in the making. (How often do you hear me urge television viewing?) Lastly, remember to vote! I am on my way, hope the lines are not too long.

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat tomorrow.

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