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Talking With Children About Sex Education

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

I have been helping teach a course to elementary students on their bodies and sexuality. It is really interesting as we teach both parents and their children, in separate rooms, so that parents are comfortable with discussing sexuality with their children as well as having doctors and nurses teach basic sex education to their children. It is a three-week series with different topics each week and really opens up the lines of discussion for parents and gives them information for further subjects and discussion as their child matures.

The most striking thing to me is how many parents admit to being “afraid or nervous” or feel ill-prepared for this discussion and many of those feelings come from their own experience learning about “the birds and the bees”. If there is anything to learn from this, one would think, is that none of us wants our children to have bad memories of how they learned about their own bodies and sexuality.

So, I recommend that starting from a young age you use the correct noun for body parts. No one has a problem saying this is your eye, or nose or ear, so when identifying other body parts stick with the correct words. By doing so you begin this journey of sex education with the correct words at hand. It is easier to discuss a subject with knowledge of the body part you are talking about than having to back track and re name things.

Lastly, when your child asks a question, take the time to answer them truthfully, even if it is only a one-line answer, rather than saying “I can’t talk to you about that yet” or something along those lines.

Open the door slowly and it is easier to go in….remember it is a continuum of information which does not end for many years.

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again tomorrow.

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