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iPhone is myPhone?

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

Oh those cute toddlers, they truly are smarter than we are!!! Just the other day a precocious toddler proved just how in the know he was.

While his mother and I were talking, he was searching through his mother’s purse for something.  I figured that he was looking for candy or gum, but I was wrong. He suddenly produced her phone to which proudly announced, “My Phone!”   No, it was not an iPhone it was My Phone.  He had quickly renamed one of Apple’s greatest inventions, while he also claimed the phone as his own!

Later that day, I had almost the exact same experience with another toddler, this time a girl. She too was into electronics (doesn’t seem to be gender specific) as she was playing on an iPad when I walked into the room.  She could turn on the device with a quick slide of her finger and was just as adept at picking out the icons that would display her favorite videos.

When I asked her what she was playing with she said, “My Pad”.  She too knew exactly what she was talking about, and she wanted to make sure that I understood that it was hers.

I think that Apple needs to use this for their next ad campaign, which could also successfully target parents as well as their next generation of users .

Why can’t they use the play on words with My/iPad, or MyPhone?  Looking at child development an 18 month – 2 ½ year old child is very ego centric and everything is MINE, MINE, MINE.

If you have a toddler you also know that you don’t try to take anything away from that them or you will have a knock down drag out tantrum on your hands. This is the time you begin to pick your battles.  It is not your iPhone after all, it is MyPhone!  I bet I know who wins more than half the time.

Use your influence and your child’s love for electronics and have them play games that build IQ and intelligence without them even knowing it.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Is your child tech savvy? What games do you have on your device that they love? Feel free to share with the rest of us.

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