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The Joy of a "Snow Day"

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

What a wonderful feeling to wake up and find that you and your kids have an unexpected holiday due to “inclement weather”. That is still a vivid memory of my childhood too. While growing up in the northeast, the quiet of a snowy morning, only interrupted by an occasional snow plow, and hearing your parents tip toe into your room to let you know that you can snuggle back into bed for a little extra sleep, courtesy of the weather.

We are having one of those rare “snow days” in our area today, and no matter where you live, a day that you are stuck at home, forced to just “hang out” due to mother nature may be one for the memory books. These are the days to let your children sleep in, snuggle in your bed to watch cartoons together and stay in your pajamas until noon. You don’t even feel lazy, or rushed or “guilty” because you just have to stay home due to snow and ice. Forced relaxation!

Fixing a big breakfast together with the children or gathering everyone together to see what kind of soup you can concoct with whatever is in the pantry is always a must on a snow day. Children think chicken noodle soup or vegetable soup made with their help tastes so much better than anything you prepare for them. Snow days at my house mean soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, which are still one of the “grown kids” favorite foods, and they know how to make it too!

Take advantage of this extra day with your children, as it really is a gift. Go outside for sledding in the neighborhood, or build that snowman together even if it is only 1 foot tall, and make sure to take pictures. These are days that memories are made. No pressure, no pre-planning, just another weather event, but maybe “MOTHER” nature knew how special this day could be for families.

That’s your daily dose for today, we’ll chat tomorrow.

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