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The Perfect Baby Age

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

I am in love with 4–5 month old babies!!  I have decided that that age is “the perfect baby” and I want to clone them.  I think I would call it a “Chia Baby” and market it as the baby that is the PERFECT companion and only needs to be watered!

For anyone who is reading this and has a newborn, hang in there as this happy baby will be here before you know it and for the rest of us, we know looking back, that this age baby is the one that we long to hold again.

I am fortunate that I get to hug, hold and snuggle with babies every day.  I must tell you that not every age baby is my “favorite”.  But give me a 4 month old and I am in heaven.

The 4-5 month old baby does all of the following things:  typically sleeps all night, or at least 6-8 hours, smiles all of the time, coos (record those sweet noises as they don’t last), laughs at everything you say, even if it is not funny, and lastly, doesn’t move when put down, doesn’t talk back, and requires only a liquid diet. I mean is this God’s perfect child or what!!

I do think this age baby gets photographed the most often, as they are just so happy and cute. These precious pictures are an important photo memory too, as there were many other nights during my parenting that I looked at those precious pictures and longed for that sweet baby (especially when your teen is arguing about a curfew etc). These are the pictures that are adorning my bedside wall that make me smile right before I fall to sleep. While I cherish all of my children’s photos, the 4 month old photos of each of them hold a special place in my heart.

When I see a 2 month old infant and the parents are still tired and wondering when/if their baby will sleep and get happier and on a schedule etc, I tell them just hang in there, only 2 more months and you will have the baby you dreamed of taking home from the hospital.

The problem is, you have to go through the newborn stage to get to this precious age.  Why do you think all of the babies on TV are so cute, cuddly and happy? It is usually because they are 4–5 month olds “posing” as an infant.  I am sure the Gerber baby on the box is a 4 month old. I want to “check this age baby out” like a library book, and return it in a month, and get another one. Do you think I am on to something?!

I am ready to start the “Chia Baby” so let me know if you want one. I am sure they will sell out quickly!

What baby age is your favorite? Let me know!

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One Response to “The Perfect Baby Age”

  1. Yes please!! Put me down for one!! I remember those days fondly! I’m at the stage where everything I do or say is wrong & she hates me at least 12 times a day. But I do remember that “perfect” stage.

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