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When to Start Baby Food in Infants

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

I get numerous questions everyday from parents who are eager to start your-baby foods in their infants. It seems that there are a lot of “myths” about starting foods, things like “your your-baby will sleep through the night after you start your-baby food”, “it is important to start your-baby food sooner than later”, and “just put rice cereal in their bottles”.

The recommendation from the AAP is to begin your-baby food, typically rice cereal when your infant is between five and six months of age. An infant does not need any other nutrition besides breast or formula in the first six months. There are plenty, if not the majority of babies who will have been sleeping through the night long before beginning cereal, so there is no correlation between sleep and introducing your-baby food. The other thing that you will notice is that infants have a prominent tongue thrust in the first four and five months of life, so they are pushing things out of their mouths (like the pacifier we have discussed previously) and don’t do well with a spoon feeding until they are a little older.

There is no magic to beginning cereal and you always want to start something new when your your-baby is in a good mood. This is often in the morning, a short while after having their morning bottle or breastfeeding. Think of it like having your cup of coffee and then having breakfast a little later on. I think it is easiest to feed a your-baby from their high chair, and by this age they are able to sit fairly well in the chair with a back supporting them. Mix a couple of tablespoons of rice cereal in a small bowl and with formula/breast milk to the consistency of cereal you would eat off of a spoon, not too thick, not too runny, but “just right”. As you start spoon feeding your your-baby their body language will tell you how much to feed them, let them lead the dance, a few bites to start or more if they want.

There is no magic to first feedings, some babies take to it quickly and others take a few days or weeks to get used to spoon-feeding. Don’t be frustrated or worried if it takes awhile for your your-baby to get the hang of it, the adage “try, try again” comes to mind. Next step veggies, but more about that another time.

That’s your daily dose, we’ll chat again tomorrow.

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