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The Wisdom from Multi-generations

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

We had such a fun evening last weekend entertaining friends and watching the World Series on TV!  We invited several family friends for dinner, their own children and their parents. Three generations of families.There was a wide range of ages teens–80’s and what struck me is how important it is to gather as a family.

Whatever the occasion, getting multi-generations together is such fun and keeps everyone connected.   The conversations that I overheard were quite interesting. Little did I know that a dear friend of ours father had played in the minor leagues for the Yankees. No wonder he has been a Yankees fan his entire life.  Listening to his stories really made baseball much more interesting, at least to me.

We also had the “younger generation” engaged with the older crowd, discussing some of the nuances of an iPad.  The 80 year olds were using their iPad for games, books and videos, and seemed quite knowledgeable. They did have a few questions that the younger crowd quickly helped them with. How interesting it was for me to watch that interaction. I can’t even begin to think about using an iPad as my children tell me that I am not “intuitive enough”, but the older generation had the time and tenacity to become quite adept at mastering an iPad. I know what I have to look forward to after retirement. Time to become smarter and much more computer savvy!

The last thing that I noticed was the youngsters talking to the grandparents about the latest commercials on TV. They seemed to have a lot in common as they actually liked many of the same commercials.  We all sat around and tried to name the commercial as well who sponsored the ad. You know who is listening the most, the 80 year olds!!

We all remembered a cute commercial (we Texans have been watching a lot of sports lately), but often we could not tell you what the ad was selling!! Guess that is not what the advertisers want to hear. But the oldest generation immediately told us whether it was Geico, or AT&T or Subaru. I don’t think we need to worry about Alzheimer’s with this crowd!

I am just thankful for family evenings like this!  Getting multi-generations together may at times seem daunting and maybe a little tedious. But, I think that everyone would agree that fun was had by all of us. The conversations were lively and animated, and everyone lingered over dinner to listen to more stories as dessert was being served.   This evening would have only been better if the Texas Rangers would have won!

That’s your daily dose for today.  We’ll chat again tomorrow.

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