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Your Baby’s 1st Tooth!

by Sue Hubbard, M.D.

I just love my job and I also love hearing funny “ideas” that we parents dream up!

As you know from previous blogs, I get a lot of questions regarding teething. “When are my baby’s teeth going to come in?”, “why does my baby drool all of the time, but there are still no teeth?” and “what is the earliest you have ever seen a tooth?’” as well as “what is the latest that you have seen a first tooth erupt?”

So many questions surrounding those first teeth, and as you all know, these baby teeth will all fall out and your child will start all over again. But, I must say that the second time around, there is a lot less attention paid to teething, as by then there are so many other issues to worry/deal with, like school, homework, and when and if “we” will need  braces.

But, for a first parent that first tooth is a monumental occasion and I still remember writing it in the baby book. Our oldest son got his first tooth, somewhere around 6 months of age, so he was “average”.  But when second son came around, he had not cut a tooth by 15 months.

My mother (who had been a dental hygienist) could not believe that there was not a tooth. She fretted and wondered when it would come in, and I played devil’s advocate by saying, “what would you do if he didn’t get any teeth?” I do know that this has been reported, although extremely rare. I figured it wasn’t worth checking into baby dentures quite yet. So, somewhere around 18-20 months of age, son #2 cut his first tooth. There was a sigh of relief heard throughout the anxious family.

These memories came rushing back after a patient visit this week. He was about 8 months old and he had yet to cut a tooth. The mom had asked me several times about delayed dentition and if “he son was abnormal” and I had tried to reassure her, and even told her about my son.

Well, I just saw her again and guess what? Still no tooth, but she told me she had “figured it out”. She knew why he had not cut a tooth yet, and she was no longer worried.  Her answer, “he had THICK gums!!” I am sure she had lay in bed and worried about his teeth, but she had rationalized this and was no longer worried.

The things we come up with as parents, and the new ideas I get to hear every day. No wonder I love my job!! I am still LOL.

When did your child cut their first tooth? Let me know!

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3 Responses to “Your Baby’s 1st Tooth!”

  1. Cheryl M. says:

    My first son cut his first tooth at six months, and my almost-six-month-old son cut his first right at five months. We were lucky with son #1 as he wasn’t too put out by teething and all his teeth came in in pairs, all right in a row, so we got them all out of the way at once. Son #2 seems to be cutting teeth one at a time…tooth #2 is just about to show.

  2. Dr. Flanders says:

    My son’s first teeth came in at 19 months of age (drooling started at 5 m.o.). Despite the fact that I’m a pediatrician, I must admit I got pretty antsy about it for the last few months leading up. Then, 4 teeth errupted simultaneously!!

  3. Erin says:

    Then there is the other side of the coin, get this: our third son, whom just turned 14 months old, has sixteen teeth already and his final set of molars look like they are coming in (red, angry gums and hands back in his mouth all the time)!! Luckily he doesn’t have the normal teething symptoms (inconsolable, cranky) but I have yet to meet someone who can beat his tooth eruption schedule!

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