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Creating a Special Space for Homework

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

The last days of summer break are upon us, and a back-to- school mindset is beginning to take charge. One of the most important things you can do for your student is to create a homework space. Here are some great ideas to help get you started.

- A good study space is critical to learning. It doesn’t have to be completely silent, and often that’s not even possible in a larger household. Determine how your child study’s best and create a space around that. For younger children, make the space someplace you can easily supervise the work and be readily available to answer questions. For older children, their bedroom may offer a quite place to help them focus.

- Attach a fold-down table to a wall. Another great solution for a small home is an inexpensive fold-down table. Organize supplies in baskets or a wheeled cart and buy a folding chair or stool from a flea market or garage sale. When the study center isn’t being used, everything can be stored out of sight in a nearby closet.

- Consider a bedroom makeover. Rearrange the furniture in your child’s room to make space for a study area. Loft beds are ideal since they have storage drawers built in, plus they offer open space beneath the bed perfect for a desk, chair and bookcase.

- Involve your children in decorating. If you let the kids pick out wall art and choose accessories for their homework area it will make the space seem more personal and inviting.

- Devise a simple way to stay organized. A calendar and dry-erase board will help your child keep track of homework assignments and due dates. If more than one child will be using the space use color-coded folders, bins and binders to keep projects separated.

- Reduce noise and distractions. Locating the homework center away from the TV and family traffic will allow your child to concentrate better.

- Light bright. Your child’s homework space should be well lit to provide good reading light, as well as to keep your child alert while studying. Placing your child’s desk near a window for natural lighting also will help brighten his or her homework mood.

- Establish a routine. The first step in creating a positive homework pathway for your child is by primarily creating a routine. As long as everyone makes a good faith effort to abide by the designated rules, children can expect to have a time and a place to focus on their homework. By being consistent, parents help their child develop good study habits.

Back-to-school, and first day of school, are some of the most exciting times for a child. With a little planning and preparing parents can help make it a successful school year.

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