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Emergency Information Every Family Should Know

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

If something happened to you at home, would your child know what to do? There is some very basic emergency information that every parent should teach their child so that they know what to do, “just in case.”

“Probably the most important thing you can teach your child is how to call 911. You can start to talk with two and three year olds about what 911 is and about when you call that number and who you get,” says pediatrician Dr. Sue Hubbard. Dr. Hubbard says starting at about 4 years of age, you can work with your child on teaching them their home phone number and the names of their parents.

For older children, Dr. Hubbard recommends they know where the first-aid kit is. “I think a good family exercise is to take CPR together as a family,” says Dr. Hubbard, adding that you can teach CPR to children as young as 10.

Dr. Hubbard also emphasizes that it is important to have the number to the poison control center posted by the phone, along with your home address, name, phone number, doctor’s number and neighbor’s name and number in case of emergency.

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