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‘Hot’ Toys May Not Be the Best Present

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

If you are still on the lookout for a great holiday present for a child, experts are advising you consider something that promotes mental and physical development.

“Parents often feel like they have to rush and get the toy of the moment,” Paula Kramer, chairman and professor of occupational therapy, said in a University of the Sciences in Philadelphia news release. “These toys may be unique and novel, but they’re not always the best choice for the child, or the toy with the longest life. If a toy is static and doesn’t promote creativity, imagination and change, it will probably end up in the corner.”

Video games and similar items dominate store shelves and continue to be hot sellers, but traditional items like bikes and sporting equipment help get children active and develop spatial relationships.

“Traditional toys, such as Lego, are also great, because they help build skills such as fine motor manipulation and creativity,” Kramer said. “While they come with instructions on how to build certain things, kids can choose to build anything they want.”

Kramer says that when selecting presents, adults should consider a child’s special needs and interests as well as a toy’s potential to encourage healthy mental and physical development.

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