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Reading to Children Daily Improves Achievement & Behavior at School

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

Children who are read to on a daily basis are likely to do better when they start school and have less behavior problems. That is the result of a new study conducted by Britain’s Institute of Education.

The study found a correlation between mothers who believe it is important to teach their toddler the alphabet, to count and read to them regularly and the child’s achievement at age five.

Over 8,000 five-year-olds took part in the study. It concluded “Reading to the child every day and having a mother who thinks it is important to stimulate young children are positively associated with all cognitive outcomes and negatively with problem behavior.”

Children who were read to on a daily basis did better in the naming vocabulary test. Children whose mothers thought it was important to talk to them and teach them the alphabet did better than their peers in a number of other tests and also had better foundation stage profiles. In contrast, children who watch three or more hours of television a day had lower scores on the tests.

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