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Teaching Good Sportsmanship

by The Kid's Doctor Staff


The Olympics in Beijing helped put sports and sportsmanship back into the spotlight. Millions of parents and their children witnessed the best of the best unified as a team and fierce competitors when going solo.

For some parents shuttling their kids to practice, games, and competitions winning is everything…but the old adage “It’s how you play the game” is very critical to a child’s success.

Family Education has tips for parents on how to teach your child sportsmanship.

  • Be your child’s role model:”Never openly berate, tease or demean other children, other athletes or coaches while attending a sporting event, even though you might feel there was a reason to,” says pediatrician Dr. Sue Hubbard.
  • Do you as a parent have a hidden agenda
  • Set the rules :D r. Hubbard advises “if you observe your child engaged in poor sportsmanship, whether it’s with the coach or your child is insensitive to other players you have to at some point discuss that with them and hopefully the coach is not ignoring it either.”
  • Watch and learn:”Take those teachable moments and learn from them. Try to ask open ended questions so you don’t sound preachy,” Dr. Hubbard advises.

More Information: Family Education

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