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Another Twitter Question about Swine Flu Vaccine

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

I received another  ”tweet” last night asking “how safe is the swine flu vaccine and would I give it to my children at this early stage?”  My response: Yes. This vaccine is really not entirely “new”. It is similar to other seasonal influenza vaccines that have been well tested for many years. It is made in the same manner and should therefore have the same safety profile and efficacy.

The flu vaccines are tested each year, it is just that this vaccine was late to production as the need arose to have vaccine this season, rather than later. Seeing that the H1N1 virus seems to be quite easily transmitted among the young, who have also had more complications, it is important to vaccinate children first.

We also know from previous experience that young children usually are biggest vectors of transmission, as they do not cover their mouths, wash their hands etc. and then they in turn get older population sick. Children live on top of one another and love to spread germs, in other words they play well together.

In the meantime, get the seasonal flu vaccine for all children six months and older!!!

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