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Living With ADHD

by The Kid's Doctor Staff


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Living With ADHD – Part 1


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Living With ADHD – Part 2

Having a child with ADHD can impact the entire family says pediatrician Dr. Sue Hubbard. Besides working with your doctor on the medical aspect of ADHD, parents should also work on behavior modification and the some lifestyle changes within the family she says. Dr. Hubbard also advises that some behavior modification can require professional help to do so.

“It’s not something just to fix within that child or that child has that diagnosis, again it’s working with and even sometimes changing your parenting style a bit or tweaking it for the child with ADHD,” says child neuropsychologist Dr. Kristy Hagar.

Dr. Hagar also says that children with ADHD get a lot of negative feedback about things they are either doing that they should not be doing or things that they are not doing that they should be doing. She says children end up feeling like there is more negative than positive. “You’ve got to find the positive thing in that child’s day and compliment them.”

It’s also very important not to over schedule children with ADHD. Parents need to have flexibility in a schedule, but still have structure. “Children with ADHD often need more breaks than children without ADHD,” says Dr. Hagar.

Dr. Hagar also says that sports or any extra-curricular activity is good for kids with ADHD as it can help build resilience and confidence.

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