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Make Sure Holiday Toys Are Safe

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

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Children of all ages may have received a toy over the holidays, but is it toy that is appropriate for their age? Parents, grandparents and friends give toys with the best intentions, but they might not be safe for your kids. There are a few things parents need to know especially if they have children of different ages in the house.

1. Read the label. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requires toy manufacturers to meet stringent safety standards and to label certain toys that could be a hazard for younger children. Look for labels that give age recommendations and use that information as a guide. Labels on toys that state “not recommended for children under three … contains small parts,” are labeled that way because they may pose a choking hazard to children under three.

2. Avoid buying toys intended for older children that may have small parts that pose a choking danger.

3. Never let children of any age play with uninflated or broken balloons because of the choking danger.

4. Avoid marbles, balls, and games with balls that have a diameter of 1.75 inches or less. These products also pose a choking hazard to young children.

5. Avoid toys that have sharp edges and points.

6. Avoid toys that are constructed with thin, brittle plastic that might easily break into small pieces or leave jagged edges.

7. Teach older children to keep their toys away from their younger brothers and sisters.

8. For all children, adults should check toys periodically for breakage and potential hazards. Damaged or dangerous toys should be repaired or thrown away.

9. If your child received a bicycle, ripstick, rollerblades make sure Santa brought a helmet too, and make sure the child wears it.

More Information: Consumer Product Safety Commission

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