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Smart Way to Talk to Teachers

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

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Every parent, at some point in their child’s educational life will need to have a meeting with their child’s teacher to talk about how their child is doing in class. Sometimes issues may come up about the child that may surprise the parent. If that happens, there are constructive ways to have the conversation with the teacher says pediatrician Dr. Sue Hubbard.

“Remember both parents and teachers want what’s best for the student. Start from that premise. Be positive and respectful with teachers and have it be a constructive conference,” says Dr. Hubbard.

If an issue comes up, ask for specific examples. Then try to work on a solution together with your child’s teacher.

“Ask yourself ‘what can I add to that’ when the teacher says something and how can I then apply that to what I see at home and work collaboratively,” advises child neuropsychologist Dr. Kristy Hagar.

And if there are issues at home that could impact your child’s school performance, let the teacher know. “Parents need to keep the teacher informed, but do it in a way that is in the confines of a teacher. Don’t call her at home at night, don’t stop her in the morning as she’s trying to get all the kids sitting down for class, just shoot her a quick e-mail,” says Dr. Hubbard.

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