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Weekly Health Headlines

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

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Concerns about the decreasing immunization rate has prompted several major medical organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics to join together to raise the public’s confidence in vaccines.

The ‘call to action’ by the Immunization Alliance is designed to help preserve the health of U.S. children through immunization. “We are seeing holes in our immunity. It seems we are having gaps in immunity, especially in certain communities whoa re not deciding to vaccinate their children,” says pediatrician Dr. Sue Hubbard.

“We want to impress upon the public the possible consequences-safety, medical, personal, and economic issues-of having a population that is not adequately protected against measles, whooping cough, meningitis, and many other diseases,” says Dr. Renee Jenkins, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Jenkins also emphasizes that current vaccines and future vaccines provide an important safety net to protect against the spread of diseases like measles, whooping cough and others.

Dr. Hubbard concurs, noting that the in our global world, the spread of such diseases can be just a plane ride away if your child is not immunized. “You can not tell people have these germs before they are sick” she says.

More Information: The American Academy of Pediatrics

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