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What’s Going Around?

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

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Sore throats and colds are sweeping through many local schools causing a lot of children to miss a few days of school. According to pediatrician Dr. Sue Hubbard, most of what is going around is viral, meaning that they cannot be treated with antibiotics.

“Most viruses that cause sore throats are common things like the common cold virus, rhino virus, or adenovirus or coxsachie virus which is a fall virus and makes you have horrible blisters in your throat and makes you feel terrible. Mono can also cause sore throats, it’s a virus,” says Dr. Hubbard.

However, she cautions that she has been seeing cases of strep throat, which is a bacterial infection and can be treated with antibiotics. “The only way you truly know if it’s strep is with a throat culture. Have both the rapid strep screen done in the office and the plate done overnight. Rapid tests are very accurate,” she says.

If a strep test is positive, your child needs to be on antibiotics, typically given orally, for 10 days. A child should not return to school until they have been on antibiotics for 24 hours.

If your child is suffering from a virus, Dr. Hubbard recommends the tried and true treatment of TLC. She suggests treating sore throats with popsicles and slurpees and not to worry about giving your child their normal healthy diet for a few days until their appetite returns to normal.

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