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Sunday’s Show: August 29, 2010

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

If you’re talking about it in the carpool line, we’re talking about it on the radio show!  Tune in to 103.7 Lite FM (KVIL) every Sunday 7:30am-8:30am (CT) for expert advice on the best ways to raise your kids.  The Kid’s Doctor, your partner in parenting.  Here is what is coming up on Sunday, August 29,  2010. Studio call-in hotline 214-787-1037.

Helping Your Kids Make Healthier Choices

The childhood obesity numbers are rising, so what can parents do to ensure their child is not another number?  We’ll reveal some simple solutions.


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Back To School Vaccines

Dr. Sue talks about making sure your kids are up-to-date with their vaccinations.


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25 Greatest Baseball Players Of All Time

Getting your child’s nose in a book is important. With baseball pennant races heating up, how about reading a book that spurs conversation with your kids.


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Guest:  Len Berman, author

Healthy Kids Expo

Dr. Sue  answers more of your emails and talk about the  Healthy Kids Expo coming up in September.


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Ask The Kid’s Doctor

Dr. Sue answers your questions.


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Send a question to Dr. Sue right now!

What’s Cooking with Chef Dad?

A twist to a classic Italian dish Grilled Chicken Cacciatore

Tom Fleming, Award winning chef Crossroads Diner


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