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The Kid’s Doctor Radio 103.7 Lite FM 7:30-8:30a.m. Central Time

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

Listen to the Podcast 

Listen to the Podcast

Kids & Sleep

Guest: Dr. Hilary Pearson, Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Everyone can use a few more ZZZs in the family. Listen to pediatic sleep specialist Dr. Hilary Pearson discuss the facts about sleep and your kids.

Violence & Teens

Guest: Dr. Tyler Wooten, Adolescent Psychiatrist

Millions of parents watch the horrifying video of a teenage girl being attacked by her classmates. AdolescentpsychiatristDr. Tyler Wooten discusses the impact violence in our society has on our children.

Chef Dad Tom Fleming answers What’s for Dinner?

Sitting down to a family dinner will improve your communication with your children. Studies prove children are less likely to get into trouble and even perform better in school. Chef Dad Tom Fleming shares a summertime recipe that will make your family ask for more.

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