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Mom Slaps Baby On Flight

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

There were a few tense moments on a Southwest Airlines flight this week.

According to witnesses on the flight from Dallas to Albuquerque, a mother slapped her crying baby’s face during the flight and a Southwest flight attendant took the baby away from the family to console the child.

Southwest Airlines said “the family was visibly having some heated discussions.”

The flight attendant returned the child to the parents just before the plane landed.  Police were waiting at the gate when the flight arrived and questioned the couple, flight attendant and witnesses.  The child was returned to the parents and they were neither cited nor charged.

Did the flight attendant act properly?  What do you think?  How do you control a crying or fussy child on a flight? Let is know and leave your comments below!

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4 Responses to “Mom Slaps Baby On Flight”

  1. Paola says:

    We have flown with our daughter on a few occasions already and haven’t run into this problem. We try to always make sure we have plenty for her to do on the flight to keep her occupied and happy. But even if my daughter was unconsolable during a flight, I don’t think I would ever slap her. There are better ways to deal with a child who’s having a temper-tantrum than hitting. We have always stressed with out daughter that tantrums are not tollerable and we don’t acknowledge her when she decides to throw a fit. Because of this, we have only had to deal with a handful of tantrums and she has been able to get herself together within a few minutes.

    I’m not exactly sure if the flight attendant did the right thing. I know if I was in that situation, I probably would have liked to do what the flight attendant did, but don’t think I would have had the guts. I don’t feel that hitting a child is ever appropriate. There are always other ways to get a child to calm down. Hitting will only add to the problem.

  2. Rebecca V says:

    Every time I hear about a parent being violent or abusive to a child in public (even in the cases of ’spanking’) I always think “If they will do that to a child in public, what do they do in their own homes when no one is watching?”. It breaks my heart. There are *always* other options. If you are prepared, if you can step back and take a breath, if you can control your own emotions before trying to control those of a child, it is never necessary to strike a child.

  3. Charity says:

    There have been times I’ve regretted how I’ve responded to a situation with my kids. I wished someone had stepped in and said “let me help.” If I were that mom, I would have been embarrassed at the time, but as a good parent, I know I’m not perfect and sometimes need help. I would have appreciated that the flight attendant could have stopped things from escalating. Not right away, but eventually. I think she did the right thing, and I think the outcome was fair. Hitting a baby is wrong, but I know how some people can get weird on planes, and adding crying into might make them do something they might have never done otherwise. I hope she sees her luck that someone helped her, and never makes that mistake again.

  4. Sekaani de Angeles says:

    Thank you for reading… The flight attendant has no right to put their hands or grab hold of someone else’s child. Why? In this day and age where people carry guns and respond with vendettas such action is a base for further actions that could result in harm. There is definitely a better way to respond than to grab one’s child. I suggest that flight attendants be trained in better techniques than grabbing someone’s child. Keep in mind I grew up in a neighborhood where the next door neighbor had the right to spank me before I got home. Sadly, we are not living in that time…

    Respectfully, Sekaani de Angeles

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