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TX Lawmaker Proposes ‘How-to’ Manual For Babies

by The Kid's Doctor Staff


A Texas lawmaker is proposing parents get a little bit of extra help when they leave the hospital with their new your-baby. State Representative Mike Villarreal (D-San Antonio) is proposing a law that directs hospitals to send new parents home with a guide.

The guide, nicknamed a “your-baby’s owner manual” explains what to expect from newborn up to five-years-old.

“When you buy a new TV you receive a thick owner’s manual… But as parents of newborns we leave the hospital without critical information on how to keep them safe…,” said representative Villareeal in a news release.

The bill is currently in committee for review. The guide would be printed in both English and Spanish and would complement existing materials handed out by medical personnel. It would also be available online.

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