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No More Infant Dose of Acetaminophen

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

Over the counter drug makers have announced they will stop producing acetaminophen in concentrated infant drop.  The reason? They hope this will help parents reduce the confusing surrounding just how much your child should be taking.

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association which is the chief trade group for OTC drug manufacturers said the move was intended to reduce dosing errors.

“CHPA member companies are voluntarily making this conversion to one concentration to help make it easier for parents and caregivers to appropriately use single-ingredient liquid acetaminophen,” said CHPA CEO Scott Melville.

Earlier this week, the FDA released a final guideline document for OTC liquid manufacturers stating all such products should be packaged with calibrated dosing devices.

Several studies have revealed that children receive improper doses of OTC liquid medicine because parents use household spoons or because the dosages devices included in packaging are not easy to read.

Our advice? Always read medication labels and use proper devices that accurately measure dosage.

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One Response to “No More Infant Dose of Acetaminophen”

  1. Laura says:

    This whole thing is sad to me. As a mom, it is sad because it is so much easier to give the concentrated amount. And as a former math teacher this is sad, because measuring is an elementary school objective. Seriously, people?! Not to mention, I feel like the majority of confusion (at least for my husband) comes from the different dosages for ibuprofen v acetominophen. On an unrelated note, my older daughter has non-recalled Children’s Advil. The measuring cup that comes with that is not at all accurate. Either that or every other measuring device in my house is wrong. 1tsp as measured from the cup that comes with the bottle = 1.5tsp.

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