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Black Male Children Face Highest Risk for Food Allergies

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

A new survey looking at food sensitivities found that black male children have a greater risk of having a food allergy.

The survey looked at over 8,000 people, from infants to seniors who tested positive for the allergen antibody linked to possible issued with eggs, milk, peanuts and shrimp. The sensitivity levels to these potential food allergens was then tested in all participants.

Based on their analysis, researchers estimated that 2.55 percent of the general population has food allergies, most often to shrimp and peanuts. But they found that the odds were much greater among blacks, males and children, especially young black boys.

The study found that males and children had nearly twice the risk for food allergy as others, blacks had triple the risk and black children were four times more likely to have food allergies.

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