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Exercise Helps Heavy Kids Control Anger

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

Overweight children who start exercising after school may be less likely to slam doors, hit other children and express their anger in other aggressive ways. Those are the results of a new study done by researchers in Georgia.

Researchers point out that there is no evidence that overweight children are more aggressive than normal weight children. However researchers say they are more likely to be bullied or bully others.

The researchers focused on over 200 overweight seven to 11-year-old public school students. Children who exercised scored lower on the Anger Out and Anger Expression components of the Pediatric Anger Expression Scale after they completed the program.

“It may help children control their anger, and that might be because they’re in a better mood because they don’t get angry as much, and it might also be an aspect of self-control,” said Dr. Catherine L. Davis of the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, the lead researcher on the study.

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