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Is Snoring a Sign of Trouble in Preschoolers?

by The Kid's Doctor Staff

Young children who snore have more symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as attention and language problems than their age-matched counterparts who do not sore, Finnish researchers report.

“Our study brings out snoring as a possible risk factor for mood problems and cognitive impairment in preschool-aged children,” said Dr. Eeva T. Aronen of Helsinki University Central Hospital.

Aronen’s team looked at 43 preschoolers who snored at least once or twice a week, according to their parents, and 46 preschoolers who did not snore. They found a higher rate of mood problems, especially symptoms of anxiety and depression among the snorers.

“Overall, 22 percent of snoring children had mood disorder symptoms severe enough to warrant clinical evaluation, compared to 11 percent of the children who did not snore,” Aronen said.

The study is published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. It also shows that snoring children were also more likely to have other sleep problems, such as nightmares, talking in their sleep or difficulties going to bed.

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